Shep’s is named for the beloved grandfather, Israel “Shep” Shapiro. One of 13 children, Shep’s love of food was legendary in his family. His parents immigrated from Eastern Europe and settled in Bayonne, New Jersey. He graduated from NYU Law in 1927 and later moved to Teaneck, New Jersey where his passion for food led him to open Shepard’s Baking Company.

Shep instilled a love of Jewish cuisine into his grandson, Howard Greenstone, who later moved to the Lower East Side of Manhattan and frequented Second Avenue Deli, Kossar’s Deli, and The Pickle Guys. When Greenstone moved to Nashville in 2018, he found a wonderful Jewish community but couldn’t find the food he was looking for, and thus the idea for Shep’s was born.

Israel “Shep” Shapiro wedding photograph